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Why this one

Every game that is free really isn’t. You have to give a subscription or really not be able to do anything that is exactly what this app does. They only give you one coloring page a day and you don’t even get to pick which one it is. So you’re pretty much just coloring a page you don’t want to color. I would not recommend this app there are better coloring games.


Will chargenot once but monthly and continue to after you uninstallbecause you thought you wanted try this

Can’t undo color picker feature

I was really excited about this app until I accidentally used the color picker (eye dropper) tool and replaced one of the colors in the color wheel with gray. I contacted Lake and they told me there is no way to undo this if the color is no longer in your history. I was super disappointed to hear that because the app would otherwise be the best I’ve come across for coloring.

The best artistic coloring app hands down.

In my opinion this and Pigment are the only true coloring apps. Many apps are just touch and fill, and I really can’t wrap my head around why that would be calming or satisfying. You really get to be truly creative with this app. All the key options are there, but the minimalist options let you be creative without being overwhelmed. The color wheel you get as a subscriber is super cool, and makes color choices easy. While Pigment has some similar options, Lake has for more interesting artwork from a unique selection of artists, and none of it has that cheesy clip art feel to it. They favor finding interesting art with a real uniqueness to it over simply pumping out content and mandala after mandala. I appreciate that. I am an artist myself, and when I feel stumped or blocked I love turning to Lake to “collaborate” with artists I find inspiring. Many people may complain about the subscription price, and I get it; but Lake is comparable to other coloring Apps in terms of pricing. Even better priced than some I consider to be sub par. You want quality content? Then you gotta pay. I am happy to support the artists and the people who run this awesome app. Thanks! Suggestions: -Rotatable Canvas -Artist galleries (I would love to see the best of others work without having to scour instagram) -Purchasable tools. For those who prefer to buy the coloring books one by one, it would also be nice to be able to purchase the color wheel in one go. -More competitions!

To lake

On the to a new beginning I tried to draw a wolf and I tried to undo on the body and leg but it didn’t let me because the undo button was faded where it wouldn’t work or it was out you get what I’m saying right? But anyways can you fix it thanks and by the way I rated it 5 stars. And how do I do my account. Thanks:)

Love love love it

I am amazed at the coolness of this app very addictive

So aesthetic and great~! Recommend for you!

It’s so good, and also very aesthetic. Very colorful also, you can get creative with this app. Like very creative or maybe aesthetic but highly recommended this for all the creative/aesthetic, animal lovers people!

My lake

Lake is going well for me .can I talk to the app when I need to.

Wonderful app

This app works really well and like it.

very limited color palate

A very limited palate and no way to mix your own colors.

Another subscription based coloring app

I purchased this based on reviews that said you didn’t have to subscribe, you could just purchase the coloring on you wanted. Not true, you can only subscribe.

I don’t like premium!!

I like luv this game so much it’s amazing but if I want to just smooth down and relax of course I need premium for most pictures I just hate it is there a coloring app that has at least no premium then it would be like the best game ever so you better fix this or else this game is garbage cause I will not pay like 7$ a week just for coloring it’s just stupid other then that I luv the game but honestly this is just stupid there is no point!!!😡😡😡

Pinch to zoom always brings up the color picker; limited undos

Really great pages, I enjoy all the colors on the color wheel (does everyone know you can spin the wheel up and down too, not just side to side?) and the fact that you can actually paint within the lines (WITH DIFFERENT TOOLS!), not just paint bucket fill... but man, every time I try to pinch to zoom the color picker comes up and messes me up. EVERY TIME! I swear I’m not holding or tapping hard. It’s a pain, and then I have to find my color again on the color wheel or history (and if I’ve color-picker-pinch-zoomed a few times to look around my work, that’s what fills up the history slots so I can’t actually go back to the color I was using). SUPER irritating. Also, hey, can y’all make the undo button work more than four times? I love everything except those two features. Would seriously buy a subscription if these were fixed.

Lovin’ Lake

The best coloring app I’ve seen so far! Love the fact that I can pick colors from real objects, with my camera and add them to the palette!

Really Relaxing

Lake is a really relaxing app. You can color with lots of different colors. It’s like a coloring book but it’s on your phone. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to have membership to be able to get all the cool drawings. That’s why I’m rating it 4 stars. Other than that I really like the app.

In app purchases

I downloaded this app as it claims to have “ In-app purchases” - meaning usually you can play something for free. After giving you the instructions of how to use the app, it simply gives you a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription fee choice. Nothing about this game is free or ‘In App purchasable’ - it costs several dollars a week to even play. Don’t waste your time with cr-app unless your prepared to pay a lot more than it costs to color in a coloring book.

Where does one upload?

Caught in the middle. Want to color some of my line drawing please.



Love the app

Great app for chilling and coloring pics👍


I used it for my kids on long rides and it’s great for the daily commute to and from work.

Cool but...

I love this game but sometimes whenever I tap on the spaces to color them, it won’t let me color it. Also, I want to be able to color whatever. I don’t want to have to pay to color something on a game that’s free.

It's not really free

You have to sign up for like 3$ a month

More tools

I recently downloaded this app and its great, but there are a few tools Id recommend like: • Add text option • Possibly add a pixelate option • A solid color brush • Maybe some color blending • A graffiti option with many spraypaint textures. Yeah, that's all I got. Footnote: This is not to offend the devs or their app these are just some suggestions.

Take out your stress!!!

This is amazing for having a great time more in stressful time!!!!!!!I love and recommend!!!!

So easy and free

Free fun and helps me color for free!!!

Paint It!

This game app provides Enduring Feedback with its art mastery levels of artistry! Easy console key uses. Deep color ratio index.

Not a good one

I tried this because it was supposed to be a good one, hah!


I hate apps that start free & wind up costing money! Misleading!

Beautiful :3

Dis good app. Hehe

Like is a great game.

I love to color in my phone and this game is one of my favorite coloring games to play.


都不懂我的艺术感 不好 。


Me entretengo mucho.cundo estoy estrezada.😊

Lake review

I really like Lake,but, I want them to let us have 4 or 5 packs of drawings free. Or lat us watch a few ads to get one drawing free... but other than that I would recommend it.

Fat fingers

I don’t find this very easy to use or pervasive s my finger turn snare to best soyhiuhhbuts never been said

Dark mode still missing

Please don’t respond.. Please add support for dark mode.. macOS is starting to ship with native dark mode support. #DarkMode

I feel like a real artist

The best coloring app ever

Love. Just love.

I’m not an artist. I don’t use fancy techniques, and I color everything with automatic fill and stay-within-the-lines turned on. But I love this app and enjoy choosing colors to fill itsy bitsy pieces of a complex picture, especially the Spoonflower pages and mandalas. I also like the peaceful little flute notes that play while the app loads - so quiet and wistful, and now it rings a little bell in my mind which says, “We’re going to relax now.” Lovely. I wish it weren’t as expensive, and I wish there were more colors (I agree with others, mostly I miss having a true cherry red). I think you could do some really beautiful, artistic work with the available tools, if you have those talents. Now that my 90 day free trial is up, I’m not sure if I’ll lose the Spoonflower pages I purchased. Admittedly 90 days is a long time to color for free, and of course everybody’s got to eat. I’ll miss you, Lake! 😥


Cut the fanfare. Why not a simple app that just gets to the drawings

Awesome! 5 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This app is awesome! Here’s why: -Easy use (step-by-step intro) -Beautiful colors (every shade!) -Tools are easy to use (very clear) -Only $2.99 a week

Please read!!!!!!!

I love your game but I would like it if you could make to where the people who don’t want to pay for the subscription could earn coins. For example, when a person completes a picture they earn a certain number of coins for completing that picture. Depending on how difficult the picture is that is how many coins you get. With these coins you can unlock pictures. And you could charge money for coins. Say someone wants to buy 100 coins you could charge 2.99 for 200 coins you could charge 4.99 and so on. I feel as if this would make your app gain more money and people would enjoy your app better.



won’t let me save art

I love this app it’s so calming, but the only thing that’s bothering me, and i don’t know if i’m the only one...but whenever i click the “done” button on the top right to save my work, the screen freezes and i can’t do anything. i’m forced to click out of the app and when i go back in, my artwork is gone. i wish there was an automatic saving thing so this wouldn’t happen.


Amazing SO MANY CHOICES ANY ARTIST WOULD LOVE its a FANTASTIC GAME that u will keep for a YEAR or two SO AMAZING U WILL WANT TO share WITH FRIENDS 😂🔥 lol get it it’s way to cool want to know more about it GET IT DOWN LOAD IT U WILL ENJOY ALL OF IT 🌟✨✨〰️ no lie 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️



I love it

I love it ight fam

tools and $$

some tools do not work without repeated tries.. love the artwork a great deal but way TOO expensive for the home bound senior who needs apps like this


This game is so amazing!!!! It is very fun.


I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun app but runs slowly

It's a good app once it loads but takes. While on my iPad Also could use more designs and shapes instead of the predicted ones


This is an amazing coloring app. The best I’ve ever gotten. I only gave it 4 stars though because I don’t think this has enough shades of a few colors. But don’t get me wrong, this is a great app. I like to color a lot, and I think this is a very good app to use in a waiting room or when you’re bored. You should get this app. I just have one question- Can you add more shades of brown and greens? Thank you.

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