Lake: Coloring Books App Reviews

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I hate how on every coloring app you have to pay money to color pictures and pay money for certain colors it’s irritating speaking of this one it’s still kind of cool though

Best time consuming thing to do when bored

I love it!!!

I’ve had this app for two minutes


Subscriptions Kill it

A single app should not charge subscription fees. It simply makes no practical sense for the user, just a lot of money for developers. Listen to customers and stop the abuse,

I hate paying

Like every coloring app is free right NO ITS NOT because of paying your pics is it free? Thought so

Lake... the peps just want money!

Don’t recommend fun at first but there is nothing to do without paying an arm and a leg


I am liking lake a lot

回个话巴山夜雨 vU 娃去


It’s awesome but....

Ok so I just got Lake today and I love it but it’s just it took me a while to learn I learned after like 5 minuets bc I mess up and it’s complicated but it’s sooooo good I love the app so you should download Lake good luck and I’m looking foreword to see your amazing Artwork


I have tried every coloring app out there and this is bye far the best and is better than any other one out there!!!! I was so excited to get this app!!!!

It was O.K.

I bought this game because it was a featured game. I knew you would have to pay for a lot of the pictures and stuff, but you have to to buy like almost ALL of it. But I’m happy because this one isn’t a hack like the coloring app I got before, Colorfy. DON’T get Colorfy. It sends you junk mail and tracks you. But if I were to get any color app, it would be this one.

Awesome I’m a kid and you should get it

Entertained me for hours


Horrible because u have to wait 24 hours instead of just like waiting like 1hr that’s to Mitch and it was taking forever and my patients were low

Simple fun

Just a happy lil appy ✌🏽✨


This is just no. I look at the app and said well okay sure. When I got into it I couldn’t color anything! All the free pictures were not good at all and it was technically forcing you to buy a membership which was absurd. Next it took me such a Long time to spray diy the hair from pink to purple, and I accidentally made the hair back to yellow. It wouldn’t let me go back more than five moves and all my progress was gone! I hope you creators can make infinite back because I am rlly angry. Yet I was not a glitch! If you fix those things I will rate 5 stars but for now 3.


It's stellar, that's pretty much all I need to say.


I love Lake! It’s very fun to color and experiment with. It’s the first app where you actually get good coloring pages instead of the crappy ones. I’m very interested in how you get to see the actual artists who made the pages. I love the different tools and the color wheel. Keep up the great work!! 🖌


Best app.

Love it

I love lake! I like using these type coloring apps and this is the best one I have found by far. This is 100000000 times better than Colorfy, and it’s other games, which was created by money starved people. Colorfy, you have 5 pictures to paint and give you 5 colors , but if you subscribe( an outrageous amount) they give you 20 more pictures, lake on the other hand you get i’d say 20? More or less, and if you subscribe a FAIR amount, you get 500 paintings, with more coming, create your own unique colors, and more. For only &2.99 ($3) a week, $7.99 ($8) monthly (which was the price for one week on Colorfy, seriously I’m not kidding) and $59.99 ($60) yearly! Those are reasonable prices! Unfortunately i can’t subscribe because my phone has been put on parental controls, and that won’t let me purchase things, but I hope one day I can subscribe, and give money to this app, one of the best in the App Store. I do have a suggestion, a tool Colorfy had but you don’t, that would come in handy. A mode where if you swipe your finger in bucket mode and all the things it touched turned to the color it was on, because it would be a lot easier when your coloring a lot of strands of hair. I would recommend to anyone that likes coloring apps, this is by far the best. Thank you for creating this amazing app. Sincerely, A lake lover

Great UI!

Best coloring app UI so far. Well done!

Waste of money and time

Tiny little pictures. Color in lines option never works. I seriously hate this app

Still NO dark / night mode

This is supposed to be relaxing, but the bright white background is too much at night / in bed.. Even with the iPad brightness turned all the way down and iOS night shift turned on its still too bright. Please add a dark / night mode. #Fail #NightMode

Beat coloring app

This app lets you be creative and use your imagination.

Fun but a little unreasonable

I love this app it is super fun but I think that there should be more coloring pages that were free because some paintings you really like you can’t do because they aren’t free, but other than that this app has a 5 star rating and is really satisfying.


والله هذي احلي لعبه تلوين لعبته 💕

Just another scam!

Merely another subscription scam! I couldn’t get past the lame introductory screen without signing up for some subscription ripoff! Frankly, I’m tired of it– the worst being the automatic renewal. Try again!


Lake is the best I am perfidy good at coloring


I love this app. Color in from fantastic real artists, or create your own. This is so much better than any coloring app I’ve found so far. You can fill each space, but you can color outside the lines with any width with a paint brush, artist brush, spray can OR the fill bucket. You can also prevent coloring outside the lines, or mix it up. I would happily pay for this app if it were affordable. I support artists with my money, especially local; but on our end, it’s still an app. In a world filled with digital subscriptions one begins to realize that they add up and quickly, so I reserve mine for work or the very special. This one IS very special, but too much, especially since I can’t indulge in it daily with demands from kids, work, aging parents, and community events. For me, for a pleasure app, even if it supports a cause I believe in, the most I would pay per year is $40; and that would be if it were my absolute favorite. One suggestion would be to add a purchase option to buy by the each. Then, the people like me, who love the app but are busy and careful about digital spending, could purchase as I have time to use it. I could color one or two at a time and get more as I go. Thank you for the superior app.

Love it but one problem...

I love the app but when I want to color what I really want I can’t because I need to pay money

A M A Z I N G ! ! !

This app has really help me calm down when I’m made. This app has made me more relaxed. I love all the time and effort that the creators put in to this. I congratulate them on such a good app!

I love lake

I gave it a five stars because I whant to verzon a couple days ago and I was playing on the tablets and I really liked the game lake but I wish that we wouldn’t have to pay.


This is amazing. The layout /UI is Unique and powerful. I’ve only used the free version, but it’s still a good app. 1. Everyday I login to get myself 1 more free picture. 5. There’s a really cool color wheel to choose your colors from, however it still feels kinda limited, especially the Reds, as it’s like a little blip on the wheel but blue has what feels like half of the wheel. (The paid version has a weather color wheel, so it cycles through weather palettes, but it still doesn’t look like it has more reds) 2. There are countless Artists and each of them have a free drawing. 3. There are a few categories at the top of the design that are totally free. 4. One of those categories is simply a “free” page, where you can draw whatever you like. 6. Once you finish a drawing you can put it on the gallery, but that doesn’t mean you have to delete it to recolor that piece! You can duplicate it and start over and have fun experimenting with different colors! However, that’s one point where I’d like to see improvement. It’d be really awesome if we had access to a ‘black pen’ which sections off our page like the real artists do. I also would like some amount of Opacity control, though that one isn’t super important simply given the style of the app.

Pig life

This pig rezembules my friends personally

Luv This App

Just discovered this app yesterday. So glad I did because if is far better than the other coloring apps I use. If you like to color, this this app is for you.


Absolutely incredible drawings...BUT...if one isn’t extremely careful when using the fill area function, you’ll fill the wrong areas.

That was relaxing

Very therapeutic

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

Amazing coloring app that allows you to choose how you want to pay! Although the free content is also awesome and you aren’t bombarded with a bunch of ads. You actually have me considering a yearly subscription which I NEVER do! I look forward to the new content you’ll offer, (additional brushes etc.) my daughter also loves it more than any other coloring app we have. Suggestion: the only thing my I would love to see is the ability to scan in with our device a sketch so she could color her own drawings. Keep up the good work!!!!!

More free pictures

I like the app but there needs to be more free pictures.


Calming and plenty of brush and palette choices

I can’t get a response

I have emailed this support to cancel my $2.99 every two weeks and I can’t get a response?

Much funny and easy tutorials

Much funny and easy tutorials, love this game

More colors

I wish there was more colors than they provide. It would be nice if there were gradients.

Me encanta me relaja mucho

Gracias por este entretenimiento creativo

This app is great

and really well made just a little pricey with the pay subscription, but over all there wasn’t any bugs in the app or malfunction in tools or colors. 🙃

It’s fun but we need more freedom

In each pack we only get 1 picture it would be better if the people who created the picture pack of there own should choose if they are free or not that’s why I have given this game 4 stars

Very Relaxing

Great game for chilling on the couch.

Nice tools but severely lacking in diversity

I like the tools in this app and the coloring options. The pop ups to subscribe are frequent and annoying. Another strike against the app is the lack of diversity in the artists. They are overwhelmingly white and very few people of color; the ones I notice are Asian. There are no visibly Black artists and it’s really male. I think if they had a better plethora of artists I’d actually pay to get rid of their super frequent pop-ups. I understand needing to make money but I use many free apps and Lake’s frequently is quite annoying.

Paint mess up

When you try to paint one thing the controls aren’t very great and it paints the wrong things.


This is amazing


Best coloring app hands down!

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