Lake: Coloring Books App Reviews

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It’s the funnest game EVER!!!!!


This app would be great, however there are two huge issues that make it a really big disappointment. First, it’s $60 per year to unlock everything, which is WAY too expensive. I understand supporting the artists and developers and I don’t mind doing that at all, I’d gladly pay a one time fee but I’m not going to pay $60 to unlock everything just so I can color. The next issue is the color wheel. It has the worst color options I’ve seen in a coloring app and I’ve tried about every color app out there. It’s missing a lot of key colors, for example I wanted to color something a deep blue color but the only options on the color wheel in blue are very slim and all light blue colors like baby blue or slate blue, there is no navy blue, royal blue or dark blue etc. The same goes for a lot of other colors that are missing on the wheel. The color wheel is also clunky and very annoying to use. You have to keep spinning it around back and forth to find your color and then once you get to the approximate color you want, you then have to scroll up and down to see if your color shows up and if not move on in the same fashion until you find it. For example if you want yellow you have to scroll the wheel around in a circle until you find the orange/yellow section and then select it and then scroll up and down until the yellow color you want pops up. Very frustrating as I want to spend my time coloring, not hunting for colors. I’m not sure how this app got so many good reviews, but coming from someone who has tried nearly all the coloring apps on the App Store, there are MUCH better ones out there. Thanks for reading my thoughts! I hope it helped!


This game could not be better and is the most amazing thing ever. I have definitely spent some time on this app and it is indeed time well spent!

$70 a “color” or “paint” on phone?

I appear to be in the minority here but the cost of this “free” app is absurd. $70 a year for fake coloring / painting?! Or $2.99 for one coloring book? Ridiculous. The app works fine, but doesn’t seem to work any better or worse or much differently than the few other similar apps I’ve tried.

All show, no substance. Better apps exist.

Was not impressed. Superficially sleek but substance is lacking. All show and marketing--no artistic weight. Image library is very small, populated with juvenile and aggressively hipster line art. Tools are very basic, not much room for creative coloring (no blending, restrictive color selection, few tools, etc.) Unintuitive UI, albeit "pretty". No page rotation. No power-user capability. This app is good for young children and folks who don't desire an outlet for real creativity but wish to appear culturally relevant. One step up from tap-to-color apps.


This app is amazing 😻😻😻😻

Great App

This by far is my favorite coloring app, I LOVE it, but it just needs a few fixes, it keeps freezing up, then kicking me out of app, and then i will lose my work, then when I try to go back to the coloring sheet I was working on, it won’t bring the coloring sheet up anymore, Please fix soon so I can enjoy this app again!!

Thank you

Your app is amazing inspiring and calm thank you so much now my lovely daughter and I r so relaxed 😍😍😍😍

Love this app

I love it so much! I’m so addicted and this is great stress reliever for daily use

Love it but one thing....

I love this app! It lets me be creative in multiple ways. The only thing I dislike would be having to have a subscription for certain pages. They do give you a free week which is nice.

It is a nice coloring app, but.....

Lake is a nice coloring app, probably on one of the better ones out there because you can actually color and shade each part of the drawing. The overall drawings for coloring are awesome and very unique, you won’t find these kinds of drawings anywhere else, which is another reason why lake is a top choice for me. The overall experience is nice and the final results almost look like a real painting, it’s really quite a bit different then any other painting program I’ve tried. Lake doesn’t overwhelm you with a bunch of tools and such, it gives you what you need to get great results and let’s you concentrate on your work. Selections are easy and the navigation is simple, I just wish there was a way to rotate the canvas while working, I often have to rotate my iPad to compensate for this. They are also are having a killer deal right now on subscriptions, I signed up for a year and I’m really glad I did, so far I’m loving it.

Best coloring app yet!!

When I’m bored or tired I go to the app start coloring and I forget everything, get in the art world definitely download it!!!

Great game

This so so fun and relaxing it’s a great way to relive stress and have fun. You could also use it on road trip and has great pictures

I’m in love

This app is so therapeutic and just pure fun!

Meh… I’ve had a better app

Okay… I had this app for two murmured and I was already bored. You have to pay a membership to get all of the pictures and it’s utterly boring.

Rarity MLP house

We just made houses inspired to Rarity from MLP FiM.


I can just use my imagination to make drawings!


I love there coloring pages there amazing

Very nice app

I love It!!!!

Beautiful images, and allot of mindful fun

Really cute illustrations snd some nice tools to enhance the texture and overall look and feel of the final colored image.

Doesn’t save, always crashes

My app keeps crashing any time I open it. It has said I have my second free “one a day” painting ready but never lets me open it. It also didn’t save my last three paintings or allow me to stop a painting and come back to it. I emailed the developers from their website but have not heard back yet about an update to fix these issues.

So relaxing

There's so many beautiful colors to choose from on the color wheel and the built in palettes help inspire color choices. It's a great way to wind down before bed.

Thank You for the Updates

Thank you very much for fixing the saving issues the app had. I think it's perfect now. A great coloring app for sure and I'm very glad that you can pay to unlock coloring books individually and not just through a subscription. Thank you for that option that allows us to still support the artists that way.

Fun app

Easy to use! Good for relaxation! Gives you one free to color a day. Plus one from every artist. It has a setting that lets you only color in the lines. 👍🎨

Really bad and booring 😒

Don’t see the point

Fun introduction to using Apple Pencil

Much more addictive than I thought; really relaxing.


This is the best colouring app and colouring system out of all the apps I have seen. It’s a very nice touch to be given a bunch of brushes of different variety (from acrylic, watercolour to airbrush) and given a wheel of a variety of colours that you can use on any of the artwork without being shoehorn to a set of palette or a set of rules. There’s no clicking to colour here, you are really painting something and it even gives you option to paint within the borders or even go over it and the option to paint however you like and even mix the colours. I definitely recommend to people who just want to have a good and relaxing time as well as those who wants to hone their palette skills for art. There seems to be enough free content to be enjoyed and from the art and the system, it would be quite worth it to purchase a pack or two or go for subscription if it suits you. Keep up the good work.

Overall good, some small glitches

So overall I enjoy this app; the selection is a little mediocre but some are true gems. Overall functionality works great. Lack of color choices is a problem though. I am having one really annoying glitch, and that’s the inability to continue getting the free 1 a day drawings. For the past week the app has continued to say the last drawing is “new” and then resets the countdown, but then logging in the same drawing says it’s “new” and resets all over again, so I have about 20 free drawings but can’t get the full 60 with this glitch. The last drawing I’ve received for free has been a house, not sure how else to describe it.

Finally fixed

Thank you guys for working so hard, you got these problems under control and now the app works as it should. Really love this app and even got about 5 if my friends to get it and they also love it.

Great app!

I just started today but my first impression is very positive! I am relaxing painting and really enjoy the paint tablet and ease of use. So far I am pleased with this wonderful app!!

Felicia Cutshaw

I love the app Lakes check it out!

Auto Save is glitchy and too expensive for extras

This app has so much potential, however, after working in great detail on two mandelas and having my work lost, I’m kind of over it. Also, I would gladly pay a one time fee for this app, but the monthly price is way overpriced. My entire family loves this so I wish those two issues didn’t exist. Great app, if you don’t mind losing your work or paying $4.99/month. Also, it is completely frozen right now, so I will probably have to remove the app and reload which will cause me to lost all of my designs.

Fun and interesting

Not just a paint by number substitute- the different brush types keeps open the option of mixing colors in any particular section of an image. And did I mention the diverse and interesting artwork?

Avery thanks to lake

This has been very fun to learn how draw good I look forward to learning more about lake It makes coloring much more enjoyable and fun for me and my sister I hope you and me my sister


Muy costosa

Wayyy, Wayyy Fun!!

Much more interesting than I expected. Downloaded it to give my grandkids something to do and I haven’t given it up yet. Very well thought out and intuitive to use. Simple learning curve with almost endless creative opportunities.


It’s relaxing and addicting.

Drawing painting

Hard to do with your fingers.

I love it but...

I would like options for the apple pencil.

Great Relaxing app!

This app is really fun and relaxing I really recommend it for people of all ages

So far so good.

There is a wide variety of colors and a descent amount of pages for the non subs such as me. I personally don't want to pay for a coloring sheet. It is fine if it's for a artist. But I would rather not subscribe. Besides that it's pretty good.

Easy to use!

Ability to make as easy or challenging as the mood strikes. Well thought out. Good job!


This game has so many creative pictures to draw. Beautiful colors and different shades. It also has different kinds of ways to fill in your drawing.


A good way to wind down after a stressful day. Save money and subscribe for a year.

Great and easy program

Great program


Me encanta!!

Disappointing, but free and neat

At least twice, I have colored almost an entire page and had my attention called away for a moment only to see my work vanished when I come back. I mean I just colored half a page here in the waiting room at the doctors and I didn't even navigate away from the page, my screen slept and when I came back it was all gone. It's a nice app but jeez, that's frustrating and not a relaxing way to spend time :/

Subscription thief

You will be charged without notice.

Love it! But there is a bug...

I first discovered your app when it was featured as the app of the week and immediately fell in love. Sadly this most recent update has a bug. I started coloring the holiday special illustrations. When I went back they won’t open and appear on the small view screen as white rectangles. Please fix this so I can color! Thanks!

Great App !

At first I was skeptical about these type apps. So far this has been loads of fun. A great stress reliever.

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